Pelatihan Oikumene Asia Ecumenical Institute 2016

KABANJAHE,GBKP.OR.ID-Asia Ecumenical Institute 2016 membuka kesempatan untuk pelatihan oikumene selama sebulan di Chiang Mai – Thailand dari tanggal 24 Oktober – 23 November 2016.


Asia Ecumenical Institute -2016
“Shaping a New Paradigm for Wider Ecumenism in Asia”
To:  Member Churches and Councils of Christian Conference of Asia
Dear Ecumenical Colleagues,
We are pleased to announce the Asian Ecumenical Institute (AEI), an intensive month-long ecumenical formation training program of CCA.  CCA member churches and councils are encouraged to nominate names of suitable candidates to attend the AEI – 2016, which will be held in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 24 October to 23 November 2016.
Asian Ecumenical Institute-2016
The AEI provides the opportunity to train young ecumenists and prospective church and ecumenical leaders in Asia. The course outline and contents of AEI have been designed to help participants envision wider ecumenism with new theological insights, which will empower them to understand the concept and scope of ecumenism from a strong sense of rootedness in one’s own faith, tradition, and heritage, as well as involving them in the crossing of boundaries across denominational, cultural, social, economic and political strata. The AEI also aims to widen and expand the understanding of the vision of Ecumenism and seeks the breaking up of exclusive community, leading to a more inclusive human community as well as the wholeness and integrity of all of God’s creation.
The AEI will be held at Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from 24^th October to 23^rd November 2016. The living together of participants from various Asian countries in an inter-cultural and inter-denominational settings, worshipping together, and learning together the emerging realities and identifying the ways of developing ecumenical response contextually will be an enriching and unique experience for each participant of the AEI.
The main objectives of the AEI will aim at:
* training a new group of young ecumenical leaders in Asia, from among men and women, laity, youth, clergy and seminary students who are committed to the ecumenical agenda;
* equipping prospective church leaders with sound theological, socio-political and practical skills with wider ecumenical vision, tools of analysis of Asian reality and development of  leadership skills;
* enhancing their capacity to respond effectively to contemporary ecumenical challenges; and
* assisting participants to develop Asian and international ecumenical networks.

* Preparation before joining the AEI

Reading books/articles on the ecumenical movement and theology in Asia;
Preparation of research papers on a certain theme among the given topics
* Biblical/Theological reflections on ecumenism and ecumenical movement
* Analysis on Asian realities
* Community Building
* Leadership training
* Ecumenical solidarity and exposure visits
* Sharing research findings and papers on emerging issues in Asia

Who can apply?
* Men and women, pastors, theological students, church workers, and/or lay leaders belonging to  CCA member churches and councils;
* Persons who are below 35 years;
*Persons who have more than three years experience in church/church related ministries/organizations;
* Persons who are interested in widening their ecumenical perspectives and sharing their learnings when they return to their respective countries;

Download the application form:
Please send applications to CCA along with the following documents:
* Curriculum Vitae describing ecumenical and church involvement
* Letter of recommendation from member church/ecumenical organization

** Costs
Board and Lodging per head for one month  – U.S. $  2850.00
Registration Fee                                                       – U.S. $    100.00
Tuition fee                                                                  – U.S. $   500.00
Total                                                                              – U.S. $ 3450.00
Scholarship / Travel bursaries
CCA will offer scholarships for deserving applicants. Limited travel grants also will be made available for candidates applying from South and South East Asian countries. Participants from East Asia and Australia will have to pay for their own travel costs from their home country to Chiang Mai and return.

You can download the application form CCA website
Completed applications for the AEI 2016 should be submitted no later than 13 September 2016 and emailed: (; or faxed: + 66 53 247 303
Selection will be based on competence, gender and confessional balances, sub-regional representations, and ability to communicate in English, as well as contribute and participate actively in the month-long training of AEI.

We look forward to receiving your nominations.

Mathews George Chunakara                                                                      Jung Eun Grace Moon
General Secretary                                                                                           Program Coordinator



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